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    Add some small stuff to support the current implementation of the plab · b30e4f95
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    evproxy, which uses set_failover and set_connection_retries. The event
    library had these as noops, so that was an easy change. Also, add back
    in the async add/remove subscription stuff, which was already
    implemented in pubsub but not hooked up from the event library.
    In the tmcd/plab directory I purged all mention of elvin and changed it
    to "event server". I also renamed the runelvin script to runevents.
    In events/proxy I cleaned up the makefile and added evproxyplab to the
    targets list since it should now build okay (no longer needs to link
    against elvin stuff). Renamed elvindtest program to eventping, and
    otherwise purged lots of "elvin" tokens.
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