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    add UI_EXTERNAL_ACCOUNTS to defs file for better UI config · b97bf0e9
    chuck cranor authored
    This patch adds the UI_EXTERNAL_ACCOUNTS configuration variable
    to the defs file.  The high-level goal is to allow Emulab to function
    in labs where user accounts and passwords changes/resets are managed
    externally from Emulab (e.g. in some other database or maybe even
    in an LDAP).  This variable impacts both the "request an account" and
    "password change" workflows:
    [1] "request an account" - If UI_EXTERNAL_ACCOUNTS is set to 1,
        it will remove/disable all "create a new account" functions from
        the UI.   as part of this, we restore "Allow for a site specific
        front page" to the portal frontpage so that frontpage.html can
        be edited to remove the "request an account" button on the
        default home page.
        impacts www/aptui/frontpage.php, www/aptui/quickvm_sup.php,
        www/aptui/signup.php, www/joinproject.php3, www/menu.php3,
        and www/newproject.php3
    [2] "password change"  - If UI_EXTERNAL_ACCOUNTS is set to 1,
        it will remove all "change password" and "forgot password" functions
        from the UI.
        impacts www/aptui/changepswd.php, www/aptui/forgotpswd.php,
        www/aptui/login.php, /www/aptui/quickvm_sup.php, www/login.php3,
        www/moduserinfo.php3, and www/password.php3