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    Add support for remote telnet-based console servers. · 32c159b3
    Mike Hibler authored
    We already supported "remote mode" (-m) which told capture that the
    device command line argument was of the form "host:port". Extended that
    to "host:port,protocol" where protocol can be "raw" (aka, the current
    remote mode) or "telnet". Telnet support is provided through the libtelnet
    library (http://github.com/elanthis/libtelnet) which I created a FreeBSD
    port for in install/ports. Most of the work was just breaking out some
    code in the monster select loop.
    Only tested on the Linux Networx "icebox" and only very lightly. The set
    of telnet want/won't/do/don't options may not be correct, but it seems to
    Also cleaned up some lint.
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