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    Remove webxxx.in files since they are all the same. · dbd36e65
    Leigh Stoller authored
    * New rule:
    	web%: $(TESTBED_SRCDIR)/WEBtemplate.in
    		@echo "Generating $@"
    		cat $< | sed -e 's,@PROGTOINVOKE@,$(word 2,$^),' > $@
    * New target in the makefiles:
      the above rule is good in a makefile like account/GNUmakefile where all
      of the programs are installed to the same place. In the larger makefiles,
      might need to split the above rule up a bit:
            webnewuser: web%: $(INSTALL_SBINDIR)/%
            webfoobar: web%: $(INSTALL_BINDIR)/%
    * All of the webXXX.in files will be removed ...
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