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    Fix for fixed interfaces: move the code that filters interfaces whose · 43333bb7
    Robert Ricci authored
    name's don't match from resolve_link() to find_best_link() - the latter
    returns only one link of each type, so it's too late to find the right
    interface by the time we get back out to resolve_link(). Also fixed
    a built-in assmption about the 'direction' that physical links go in.
    The old code (explicity) assumed that links to from node to switch - now
    we flip around our comparison if the directions of the links do not
    This was a bugger, even though it didn't involve much code, since the
    'flipping' involves a 'parity' issue - it's really easy to mess up the
    parity in several places and get it to work under *some* circumstances.
    As a side effect, added some more information to the plink strucutre.
    This turned out to not be necessary for the solution I finally came
    up with - it was part of an earlier, abandoned one. But, it's probably
    good information to have around in the future.
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