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    Add power support for moonshot. · 1d87bf24
    Kirk Webb authored
    This enhances the power_ipmi module in three ways:
    * Will now check for auth creds in the outets_remoteauth table.
      - Previously the module had credentials hard-wired.
      - Key role in table should be "ipmi-passwd".
    * Makes it run in parallel for the set of outlets provided
      - via emutil::ParRun().
    * HP Moonshot chassis iLO support.
      - Device (node) type == "ipmi-ms".
      - Outlet to ipmi address resolution.
      - Additional required ipmitool parameters ("lanplus" protocol).
    * Supports KGKEY for session encryption.
      - KGKEYs can be placed in the DB ("ipmi-kgkey" role, key encoded in hex).
    Note that the "status" command doesn't really work presently, but that's
    OK since it wasn't ever hooked in.
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