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    Change to the SSL version of the event scheduler.
      * db/libdb.py.in, xmlrpc/emulabserver.py.in: Only add the testbed
        library path to sys.path if it is not already there.
      * event/sched/GNUmakefile.in: Make the SSL version of the scheduler
        the default instead of the SSH version and statically link the
      * event/sched/event-sched.c: Pass the default SSL port number (3069)
        to RPC_init.
      * event/sched/rpc.cc: Bring the SSL code up to date: read the cert
        from the user's home directory, make the connection persistent,
        and use TBROOT as the request path, so the development version of
        the XML-RPC library is used when appropriate.
      * xmlrpc/sslxmlrpc_server.py.in: Updated to let the user select from
        a set of allowed library paths where the 'emulabserver' module
        should be imported from.  Import the 'emulabserver' module after the
        fork so we always get the latest version of the module.  Twiddled
        the necessary bits to turn on persistent connection support.
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