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    Allow slightly altered tb-fix-node syntax for creating jails on local · d564e0fb
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    nodes. The second argument can now be an NS node instead of the name
    of a real testbed node. For example:
    	tb-set-hardware $node3  pc600
    	tb-set-hardware $nodev1 pcvm600
    	tb-fix-node $nodev1 $node3
    So, "fix" $nodev1 to $node3. The intent is that once $node3 is
    allocated by assign to a real testbed node, we can then allocate a
    virtual node on pcXX to $nodev1. I did this primarily to allow for
    easy testing of jails via my NS file, without having to hack assign
    wrapper to deeply. Note there are still hacks in assign_wrapper to
    support this, but they are not extensive.
    Also my old usewatunnels stuff I never checked in:
    	tb-set-usewatunnels 0/1