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    A quick hack job to get the webcams onto the web interface. · d46902e1
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Add new DB table "webcams" which hold the id of the webcam, the
      server it is attached to, and the last update time.
    * Add new sitevars webcam/anyone_can_view and webcam/admins_can_view.
      Should be obvious what they mean.
    * Add trivial script grabwebcams (invoked from cron) to grab the images
      from the servers and stash in /usr/testbed/webcams. The images are
      grabbed with scp, protected by a 5 second timeout. Fine for a couple
      of cameras.
    * Add web page stuff to display webcams, linked from the robot mape page.
    Permission to view the webcams is currently admin, or in a project that is
    allowed to use a robot. We can tighten this up later as needed.