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    Pass interface trunk setting through to the outer emulab. Also pass · c91c8cc1
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    information about whether the interface needs to trunk in dual mode
    instead of equal mode. Normally we use equal, but the supervlan
    created between shared hosts needs to be trunked in dual mode so that
    "raw" packets are delivered (or else non-encap packets go into the bit
    When tearing down vlans we do not use individual trunk disables, but
    do it one block from destroyvlans. This is way way faster then an
    XMLRPC call for each individual port.
    For trunk ports, no longer use the vinterfaces table, but instead use
    the trunk slot of the interfaces table. I removed a Keith Sklower
    comment that said how silly that was; he was right, and now its
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