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    Timothy Stack authored
    More robot integration and some event system updates.
    	* configure, Detect rsync for loghole and add
    	utils/loghole to the list of template files.
    	* db/, db/ Add virt_node_startloc to the
    	list of virtual tables.
    	* event/lib/event.h, event/lib/event.c, event/lib/
    	Add event_stop_main function to break out of the event_main()
    	loop.  Add timeline to the address tuple.
    	* event/sched/, event/sched/error-record.h,
    	event/sched/error-record.c, event/sched/event-sched.8,
    	event/sched/event-sched.h, event/sched/event-sched.c,
    	event/sched/group-agent.h, event/sched/group-agent.c,
    	event/sched/listNode.h, event/sched/listNode.c,
    	event/sched/local-agent.h, event/sched/local-agent.c,
    	event/sched/node-agent.h, event/sched/,
    	event/sched/queue.c, event/sched/rpc.h, event/sched/,
    	event/sched/simulator-agent.h, event/sched/simulator-agent.c,
    	event/sched/timeline-agent.h, event/sched/timeline-agent.c:
    	Updated event scheduler, not completely finished, but well enough
    	along for the robots.
    	* lib/libtb/, lib/libtb/popenf.h,
    	lib/libtb/popenf.c, lib/libtb/systemf.h, lib/libtb/systemf.c: Add
    	some handy versions of system/popen that take format arguments.
    	* lib/libtb/tbdefs.h, lib/libtb/tbdefs.c: Add some more event and
    	object types.
    	* tbsetup/ Add the virt_node_startloc building
    	to desires string for a node.
    	* tbsetup/ Add a node's location to the feature list.
    	* tbsetup/ Display the timeline/sequence an event is a
    	part of.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/ Add timeline, sequence, and
    	topography files.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/node.tcl: Add initial position for nodes and allow
    	them to be attached to "topographys".
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/ Make a hwtype_class array with a
    	node_type's class.  Make an 'areas' array that holds the
    	buildings where nodes are located.  Make an 'obstacles' table
    	with any obstacles in the building.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/ Move named-args function from
    	tb_compat.tcl to here.  Add reltime-to-secs function that converts
    	time given in a format like "10h2m1s" to a seconds value, used in
    	"$ns at" so its easier to write time values.  Add "K", "Kb", and
    	"Kbps" as possible units for bandwidth (only the lowercase
    	versions were available before).
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/program.tcl: Add "dir" and "timeout" attributes,
    	although they don't go anywhere at the moment.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/sequence.tcl, tbsetup/ns2ir/timeline.tcl,
    	tbsetup/ns2ir/topography.tcl: Initial versions.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/ Add support for timelines and
    	sequences.  Add 'node-config' method to change the default
    	configuration for nodes produced by the Simulator object.  Send an
    	initial MODIFY event to any trafgen objects so their configuration
    	gets through, even when there are no start/stop events.  Move
    	event parsing to the 'make_event' method.
    	* utils/loghole.1, utils/ Loghole utility, used for
    	retrieving logs from experimental nodes and creating archives of
    	the logs.
    	* xmlrpc/ Escape any strange characters in the
    	output field.
    	* xmlrpc/ Add virt_node_startloc to the list of
    	virtual_tables.  Add emulab.vision_config and
    	emulab.obstacle_config methods for getting information pertaining
    	to the robots.  Change the OSID listing to include more fields.
    	Add a "physical" aspect to to get information
    	about the physical nodes.  Add parent field to the events in the
    	array returned by eventlist.  Add sshdescription to get extra
    	information needed to log into a vnode.  Add node.statewait so you
    	can wait for nodes to come up.