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    This commit has various changes to Linktest to make it more reliable. · 9a23fe83
    David Anderson authored
    1. The Linktest daemon, linktest.c, now listens for a KILL event. If received,
       the daemon will kill the linktest.pl child process and all of its subchildren.
    2. The daemon also listens for SIGSTP events from the linktest.pl child, and
       will kill the linktest.pl process and its children if linktest.pl dies
    3. Locking has been implemented in linktest.c to ignore requests to start linktest
       while a current run is executing.
    4. The controller script run_linktest.pl now includes the following new options:
       -t   allows the user to specify a timeout in seconds for Linktest.
       -v   prints out better feedback from the Linktest run as it proceeds.
    Major remaining items are:
    1. Avoid NFS mount hups
    2. More testing, especially on vnodes
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