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    Bug fixes from Annette DeSchon <deschon@ISI.EDU> and Keith Sklower · 8ea641c1
    Mike Hibler authored
    <sklower@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU> for the following, related to the -z (zero)
    option in imageunzip/frisbee:
      1. For the case where a full-disk image is smaller than
         the disk the image is being unzipped onto, we added
         code to zero the area between the end of the image and
         the end of the disk.
      2. During the unzipping process, when zeros are being written
         at the end of a chunk, a write() that returned a length
         different from the expected value previously caused an
         infinite loop.  We noticed this problem at ISI, on a number
         of pc733s, which we suspect may have (relatively minor)
         hardware disk problems.
    The latter addressed a Mike-o that has existed for 4 years.  Call it failure
    resilient computing or just plain denial, but because of a botched conditional,
    I was ignoring failed writes to the disk.  This lead to one of those infinite loop
    thingees if you actually had a bad disk.
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