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    Hackery to make sure that Plab slices always have boss/ops in their hosts · 7d7c0999
    Mike Hibler authored
    file: we return info for boss/ops in the "hostnames" command, but only if
    the command would have otherwise returned something.
    This is because the default hosts file we distribute in the rootball already
    has boss/ops in it.  But if, during bootup, tmcd returns hostname info, that
    hosts file gets overwritten and boss/ops info gets lost.
    I could just grep out the info from the original hosts file and transfer it
    to the one we are building, but what do I grep for: "boss", "ops",
    "emulab.net"?  Don't really want to hardwire any of those in the client-side
    By returning this info via tmcd, I also don't have to modify the client-side
    and thus don't need to build a new rootball!