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    Allow rc.topomap/linktest to use gzip'd versions of ltmap/ltpmap files. · 6f0b2081
    David Johnson authored
    If $ETCDIR/ltmap-gzip exists on a clientside node, rc.topomap will only
    download the gzip'd versions of ltmap/ltpmap into $BOOTDIR, and
    linktest.pl will use them.  Those files are TMLTMAPGZ() and TMLTPMAPGZ().
    This is important for multi-thousand node exps, where the lt*map files
    easily grow to 250MB or more (and are compressible to 25:1 or so!);
    saves CoW virtual disk blocks and raw disk space.  And now that commit
    67cd8518 means nodetype no longer uses ltpmap, linktest is the only
    consumer of lt*map files.
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