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    Add floorimages and buildings tables for wireless floormap support. · 632ef32b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    This is rather primitive still; We just need a place to define
    buildings and floors in buildings, so that we do not hardwire them
    into the code. This can get arbitrarily complicated, but not until we
    need it.
    	CREATE TABLE buildings (
    	  building varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
    	  image_path tinytext,
    	  title tinytext NOT NULL,
    	  PRIMARY KEY  (building)
    	) TYPE=MyISAM;
    The image_path is optional for buildings. The title is a string to
    print along with the images (Merril Engineering Building).
    	CREATE TABLE floorimages (
    	  building varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
    	  floor varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
    	  image_path tinytext,
    	  thumb_path tinytext,
    	  x1 int(6) NOT NULL default '0',
    	  y1 int(6) NOT NULL default '0',
    	  x2 int(6) NOT NULL default '0',
    	  y2 int(6) NOT NULL default '0',
    	  PRIMARY KEY  (building, floor)
    	) TYPE=MyISAM;
    The image_path is not optional; it is either an absolute path or a
    filename in $TB/www. The thumb_path is for a tiny view of it. Floor is
    something like 1, 2, 3 but could also be basement, lobby, penthouse,
    etc. The x,y coordinates are intended to be bounding box coords of the
    "interesting" part of the image so that it is easier to scale specific
    entries from the location_info table. But, not really sure about this
    yet; needs more thought and some investigation about appropriate ways
    to store coordinate values like this.