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    Reorg of working directory and log file stuff for start/swap/end · 533dc18f
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    experiment. Here is mail to tbops:
    * Moved the working directory for experiment setup/swap/end to a new
      directory located on boss instead of over NFS to /proj/$pid/$eid. This
      new location is /usr/testbed/expwork/$pid/$eid.
    * Changed the name of the directories we create in /usr/testbed/expinfo to
      $pid-$eid.$index where $index is a new autoincrement field in the DB
      table. I really hated the names that were created before.
    * Changed where logs are written from /tmp to the new location in
    Okay, why.
    * We no longer operate on NFS mounted directories that might hang. Its
      easier to catch the situation where a copy of the log file over at the
      end of experiment creation fails cause of an NFS problem.
    * We no longer have user writable files that are inputs to other parts of
      the system (like top and ptop files).  Not that a user would be bad, but
      it closes a hole.
    * We no longer copy user writable files from /proj to boss where we might
      fill up an important filesystem cause the user put a .ndz file in the the
      working directory. Not that a user would be bad, but it closes a hole.
    * Its easier to save all the log files this way, for each swap in and
    * Removing a directory over NFS is a royal irritant when someone is CD'ed
      into that directory or looking at a file on the other side (the astute
      observer will peg this as the reason I went down this idiotic path in the
      first place!).
    * About 6 other reasons that I can no longer remember. Seriously, I really
      had more reasons I can no longer remember! :-)