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    Changes to support non-racy NFS exports. · 4ddc74c2
    Mike Hibler authored
    As of FreeBSD 9, the race condition in mountd has been addressed.
    We automatically (based on the OS running) add the option to mountd (-S)
    as part of ops-install. There is also a configuration variable, NFSRACY,
    that we auto-detect and set in elabinelab setup. For regular installs,
    you need to set this manually in the defs-* file. Note that the setting
    in the defs file does not affect very much. It is passed to the client-side
    which uses it in one copy function (used as a fall back for getting the
    topology file).
    There are still a couple of places in the Emulab code where handling
    the race condition is hardwired into the code (most notably, imagezip).
    These remain.
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