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    Updates for new FreeBSD 10.1 based servers. · 480fdc70
    Mike Hibler authored
    Big changes a comin' to try to get us back on the supported path.
     * perl 5.14 -> 5.20
     * mysql 5.1 -> 5.5
     * php 5.4   -> 5.6
     * tcl 8.4   -> 8.6
     * number of vim patches up to 683.
    Not everything tested yet, but getting there.
    Specific changes:
     * New install/ports directory. New packages for FreeBSD 10.1 are version
       6.1. Cleaned up the ports' Makefiles getting rid of conditionals for
       all older versions. Also got rid of ports we don't use. Old ports tree
       is now install/oports.
     * Install script changes. Make sure /usr/bin/perl and /usr/local/bin/python
       links exist. Ports no longer make these but we use them in '#!'. Changes
       to mysql install and startup script--mysql has changed a LOT since we did
       the support in 4.x. Create syslog entry for named.log. Make sure php.conf
       loads the legacy "mysql" module rather than using "mysqli".
     * Elabinelab support. reflect new packages, remove all old packages
       (except perl) before installing new versions, install "extras" package,
       make sure sendmail cert get regenerated, make sure /usr/bin/perl link
       exists, make sure /usr/local/bin/python link exists.
     * Custom ports. otcl and xerces-c2 have both been removed from the ports
       tree as of Q2 2015. ipmitool-devel is a port for the latest version of
       ipmitool. The FreeBSD port is still a rev behind here. We need the
       newer version as it appears to make our SOL consoles more stable.
     * Random. Fixed prerender as neato output has changed again. Tweak to
       sslxmlrpc_server to reflect change in an underlying library. Tweak to
       db/libdb.py.in to turn on autocommit which matters now as mysql 5.5 will
       hang on a metadata lock otherwise. Remade eventsys perl/python stubs
       with SWIG 2.0. SWIG 1.3 did not produce working stubs for perl 5.20.
    Specific un-changes:
     * Apache is still at 2.2. I lack the guts and skilz to upgrade to 2.4.
     * Xerces library is still at (now unsupported) 2.8. Assign will need
       changes before we can move to 3.x.
     * Python is still 2.7.
    Thanks to Keith Sklower for all the work he did converting ports!
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