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    Timothy Stack authored
    Some cleanup of the robot vision system:
    	* Makeconf.in: Add INSTALL_INCDIR for includes, EVENTSYS for
    	whether or not the event system is available, HAVE_MEZZANINE for
    	whether or not we'll be building mezzanine, and GTK_CONFIG which
    	refers to the gtk-config binary, if there is one.
    	* config.h.in: Add HAVE_LINUX_VIDEODEV_H and HAVE_MEZZANINE
    	* configure, configure.in: Check for the robot vision system
    	dependencies.  Add mezzanine template files.
    	* robots/GNUmakefile.in: Add some conditionals for directories
    	that depend on the event-system and mezzanine.
    	* robots/mezzanine/GNUmakefile.in,
    	robots/mezzanine/rtk2/GNUmakefile.in: Fold mezzanine into the
    	testbed's build system.
    	* robots/vmcd/GNUmakefile.in: When building the vmc-client, use
    	the mezzanine that we build locally instead of an installed
    	* robots/vmcd/test_vmc-client.sh.in, robots/vmcd/test_vmcd.sh.in,
    	robots/vmcd/test_vmcd2.sh, robots/vmcd/test_vmcd3.sh,
    	robots/vmcd/test_vmcd4.sh: Bring the test cases up-to-date with
    	respect to the actual code.
    	* robots/vmcd/vmc-client.c: A bunch of cleanups and bug fixes: add
    	comments, set TCP_NODELAY on the client sockets (doh), etc...