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    Timothy Stack authored
    Make the dots move on the robot map web page:
    	* configure, Add robots/emc/loclistener.
    	* event/lib/event.h, event/lib/event.c: Add some helper functions
    	for sending events and parsing args.
    	* event/lib/, event/lib/ Add support for
    	clients that register using keyfiles.
    	* robots/emc/ Install loclistener on boss.
    	* robots/emc/emcd.h, robots/emc/emcd.c: Send update events every
    	two seconds with the node's location.  Fill out a little more of
    	the event callback, not sure what to do with the requested
    	destination though.  Add some code to the vmc callback to store
    	position updates.  Changed the config file format to also include
    	the vname of the robot.
    	* robots/emc/ Listen for NODE MODIFY events with
    	coordinates and update the database accordingly.  Kinda sucks, but
    	it works.
    	* robots/emc/test_emcd.config: Add vnames to the robots to reflect
    	change in the config file format.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/node.tcl: Add nodes to the virt_agents table.