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    Return VGAONLY in the loadinfo clause, if set in the node_type_attributes · 2487c9db
    Leigh Stoller authored
    or the node_attributes table.
    Note that I had to fix the query; the original select required that
    the key be in the node_type_attributes table, else it would fail to
    find it in the node_attributes table. In other words, I could not put
    vgaonly on a specific node unless there was a definition in the
    node_type_attributes table.
    I've changed the query to use a "union" of two selects; this query is
    intended to select certain attributes from node_type_attributes table,
    but allow them to be overridden by entries in the node_attributes
    table for the node making the request. The "union" of two selects,
    allow results from the second select on node_attributes to overwrite
    anything returned for the same key in the first select on
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