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    Lots of changes: · 98ca9432
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    * Big change to how events are forwarded to the Portal; Originally we
      subscribed to events from the local pubsubd, would transform them to
      Geni events, then send them back to the local pubsubd, pubsub_forward
      would pick them up, and then foward to the Portal SSL pubsubd. Now,
      send them directly to the Portal SSL pubsubd, which reduces the load
      on the main pubsubd which was throwing errors because of too much
      load (to be specific, the subscribers were not keeping up, which
      causes pubsubd to throw errors back to the sender). We can do this
      cause pubsub and the event system now include the SSL entrypoints.
      Aside, pubsub_forward is multi-threaded while igevent_daemon is not,
      we might have to play some tricks similar to stated.
    * Clean up configure definitions as described in commit 621253f2.
    * Various debugging changes to make possible to run an alternate igevent
      daemon out of my devel tree for debuging. Basically, the main igevent
      daemon ignores all events for a specific slice, while my igevenyt
      daemon ignores all the other events and process just the ones for my
      specific slice.
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