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    Add Docker container blockstore support. · 9bf09981
    David Johnson authored
    Docker containers may be (and default to, and in the shared host case,
    must be) deprivileged; thus, they cannot mount devices, much less tell
    the kernel (via iscsi userspace tools, etc) to make devices.
    Therefore, we must setup any storage backing devices (temp LVs, iscsi
    attachments) outside the container.  This commit makes that possible for
    rc.storage and linux liblocstorage.  Basically, rc.storage now supports
    (for the Linux liblocstorage and Docker) the -j vnodeid calling
    convention; and if it's being called on behalf of a vnodeid, it uses
    per-vnodeid fstab for any mounts, storage.conf for its state; etc.
    I modified libvnode_docker to *not* create virtual networks for
    remote blockstore links, because those are pinned to /30s, and thus I
    have no client blockstore link address to place on a device in the root
    context.  However, I (ab)used the existing Docker network setup for the
    blockstore links, and that all happens the same as it used to; we just
    no longer create the Docker virtual network nor attach the container to
    Finally, I modified tmcd dostorageconfig slightly to return
    HOSTIP/HOSTMASK for remote blockstores; and now
    libsetup::getstorageconfig will use HOSTIP in preference to its own
    HOSTID->HOSTIP translation.  I had to do this so that libvnode_docker in
    the root context would not have to go through the mess of translating
    HOSTID on behalf of a vnode.
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