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    Initial set of changes to try and get our image listing situation under · 5793e780
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1) Add a "listed" flag to images and to the image server to allow hiding
       images that users are able to use, but do not need to see in a
       listing of available images. For example, consider all the openstack
       images, which are not usable by themselves, but only when
       instantiating the openstack profile. We have dozens of such images
       that add a lot of noise.
    2) Add a local update flag so that changes to metadata (listed, global)
       via the web interface actually get posted to the IMS via the daemon.
    3) Various changes to the web UI in support of this stuff.
    Work in progress, I need to get these changes out to all the clusters
    before I can proceed further.