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    libaudit related changes: · e89ee617
    Kevin Atkinson authored
      - Added "LIBAUDIT_FANCY" option to AuditStart.  When this option is
        used libaudit will send a different email than it normally sends,
        and on error call tblog_find_error() to determine the error.
      - Also add audit function AddAuditInfo which adds add additional
        information for libaudit to use in SendAuditMail when AUDIT_FANCY
        is set.
      - Modify template_swapin, template_instantiate, and template_create
        to use the new audit functionality.
      - Suppressing calling tblog_find_error and sending the error email
        when auditing in swapexp and batchexp
    tblog changes:
      - Shorten the message sent to the user when the error in unknown.
        Remove all parts about lack of free nodes as it no longer really
        applies as tblog now correctly identified those errors and handles
        them separately.  The message is now just "Please look at the log
        below to see what happened."
      - Improve algo. used to determine the other error when canceled.
        Will now work by removing all errors related to the cancel request
        and the essentially rerunning tblog_find_error.  If the cause of
        the error is still canceled, repeat and try again until the cause
        is something other than canceled or no errors are left.
      - Refactor tblog_find_error, which involves creating new internal
        functions: tblog_determine_single_error, tblog_store_error,
      - Add section on Primary vs Secondary Errors to the inline POD
      - Other minor enhancements and bug fixes.
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