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    Changes related to extensions: · e1b6076f
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Change the units of extension from days to hours along the extension
      path. The user does not see this directly, but it allows us to extend
      experiments to the hour before they are needed by a different
      reservation, both on the user extend modal and the admin extend modal.
      On the admin extend page, the input box still defaults to days, but
      you can also use xDyH to specify days and hours. Or just yH for just
      But to make things easier, there is also a new "max" checkbox to
      extend an experiment out to the maximum allowed by the reservation
    * Changes to "lockout" (disabling extensions). Add a reason field to the
      database, clicking the lockout checkbox will prompt for an optional
      The user no longer sees the extension modal when extensions are
      disabled, we show an alert instead telling them extensions are
      disabled, and the reason.
      On the admin extend page there is a new checkbox to disable extensions
      when denying an extension or scheduling termination.
      Log extension disable/enable to the audit log.
    * Clear out a bunch of old extension code that is no longer used (since
      the extension code was moved from php to perl).
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