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    localize_mfs will default to the MFS version from the defs- file. · de7cd947
    Mike Hibler authored
    This makes it sligtly more likely that you will be able to update an MFS
    (e.g., to install a new certificate) by just using localize_mfs. The
    biggest problem is that some clusters use multiple MFS frisbee/freebsd pairs
    for various reasons (are you listening Emulab?).
    A remaining problem to be addressed is that you still need to figure out
    which directories in /tftpboot are the correct ones to update. Maybe we
    add something like a -A option to localize_mfs to go look in the DB, figure
    out which MFSes are used by some node or node_type, extract the path from
    those, and update them.
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