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    Deal with user privs (issue #309): · d1516912
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Make user privs work across remote clusters (including stitching). I
      took a severe shortcut on this; I do not expect the Cloudlab portal
      will ever talk to anything but an Emulab based aggregate, so I just
      added the priv indicator to the user keys array we send over. If I am
      ever proved wrong on this, I will come out of retirement and fix
      it (for a nominal fee of course).
    * Do not show the root password for the console to users with user
    * Make sure users with user privs cannot start experiments.
    * Do show the user trust values on the user dashboard membership tab.
    * Update tmcd to use the new privs slot in the nonlocal_user_accounts
    This closes issue #309.
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