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    Finish off changes to consult the os_boot_cmd table when setting
    	* db/libdb.pm.in: Add TBGetOSBootCmd function that returns the
    	boot command line for an osid/role.
    	* sql/database-fill-supplemental.sql: Add some queries that
    	initialize the os_boot_cmd table.
    	* tbsetup/assign_wrapper.in: For nodes that need linkdelays or
    	inner elab boss nodes, set their command line using
    	TBGetOSBootCmd.  Since the TBGetOSBootCmd function needs a "real"
    	OSID to work, we resolve the nextosid for any meta OSIDs.
    	* tbsetup/elabinelab.in: Add os_boot_cmd to the list of full
    	tables to be dumped.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/elabinelab-withfsnode.ns,
    	tbsetup/ns2ir/elabinelab.ns: Remove boot command lines,
    	assign_wrapper does it instead.
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