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    Minor tweaks from a one-day binge of performance analysis. · 1a76e634
    Mike Hibler authored
    The only meaningful change was to insert a sched_yield() in the frisbee
    decompressor path.  Apparently, the decompressor can run long enough to
    cause the incoming socket buffer to overflow.  I was under the assumption
    that the decompressor would not run much longer than a single time slice
    (0.001 seconds, about 8 packets) before its priority would force it to
    be context switched.  But it was running much longer than that!  Forcing
    a periodic yield seems to have taken care of this.
    One other cause of retransmitted blocks that I saw was where the server
    was taking a long time to read data from a file (up to 0.25 seconds).
    This would stall the clients and force them to rerequest blocks (which
    they do after about 0.10 seconds).  We can improve on this by splitting
    the file reading off to a seperate thread.
    Most other changes are related to the event logging code.
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