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    Add back the cache to avoid generating spurious events when bootinfo · 939f72b8
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    packets are lost; do not send the events if a node has requested
    bootinfo within the last 10 seconds; this implies that the bootinfo
    reply packet was lost and the node is retrying. This should quiet
    things a bit from stated, although eventually this should be dealt
    with in stated instead of with this hack.
    Mac originally added the cache to proxydhcp. I've added a cache to
    bootinfo to solve the same problem (proxydhcp is no longer used),
    although I have changed to implementation to use the DBM backend
    rather then a one-off hash table. dbopen() with a NULL file argument
    creates an in-memory database (no backing store), and I have used the
    DB_HASH db type. So, the hash table is done with a couple of calls to
    DBM routines.
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