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    Add new usage for doing route calculation on nodes instead of boss: · 39a8533d
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    	staticroutes -j [-n] [-f] [-d] <pid> <eid>
    Use -j option to generate a "linkmap" file in the current directory.
    The linkmap is of the current format (say, for a lan of three members):
            3 3
    	nodea nodeb 2
    	nodea nodec 2
    	nodeb nodec 2
    The last column is the cost metric.
    Use -n option to print the linkmap to stdout instead of creating the
    file. -f is the usual force option (ignores routertype) and -d prints
    some debugging goo to stderr.
    For Shashi's 2440 vnode example (2610 edges):
    	{26} boss$ time perl ./staticroutes -f -j testbed 2440
    	real    0m1.431s
    	user    0m0.830s
    	sys     0m0.147s
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