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    Change the way that elabinelab communicates with the outer emulab. · 0a004176
    Leigh Stoller authored
    Instead of passing along a set of arguments that needs to be turned
    into command line arguments to the proxy, pass along an xmldoc
    representing the arguments. This xmldoc is passed through the rpc
    server to the snmpit proxy, where it reconstructs the arguments. This
    avoids all that cruftiness in the rpc server (also error prone) and
    make it easier to add new remote methods, say for supporting eventual
    elabibelab firewalls. Note that there are currently two versions of
    the proxy and two methods in the rpc server, so that existing emulabs
    will work.
    I also added support for port enable/disable/etc from the inner elab.
    There is also the beginning of firewall support. I pass the stack
    module argument along, but currently not actually doing control stack
    operations from the proxy. Needs more work.
    Oh, I copied the cvs repo file for the original proxy so that we do
    not lose the cvs history.
    See corresponding commitlog for snmpit for description of other
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