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    Changes to the "auto nice daemon" so it can work better in Emulab.
      * sensors/and/GNUmakefile.in: Emulab-specific make file.  Updated to
        work with a build tree separate from the source and gave it a new
        version number. Files are installed under "/usr/testbed/" on ops.
      * sensors/and/Makefile: Add a warning that this is not the real
        makefile for us.
      * sensors/and/and-OpenBSD.c: Update to work with FreeBSD and add
        support for reporting process start time.
      * sensors/and/and-emulab.conf.in: Emulab-specific configuration,
        similar to the standard one, except it sends mail to tbops when it
        does something.
      * sensors/and/and-emulab.priorities: Emulab-specific priorities
        database. It excludes daemon pseudo users and the event-scheduler,
        otherwise, niceness levels apply to everyone.
      * sensors/and/and.8.man: Add the pid file to the 'FILES' section.
      * sensors/and/and.c: Added support for running a command when a
        niceness level change occurs.  Also writes out the pid file when
        not running in test mode.
      * sensors/and/and.conf.5.man: Add docs for the level commands.
      * sensors/and/and.h: Add start time and child CPU time to the
        and_procent struct.
      * sensors/and/and.startup: Changed to use "test" instead of bash
        syntax and the pid file is now used instead of killall.  Also
        added a "reconfig" option that HUPs the daemon.
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