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    Silly script to take the testbed commit log that is rsync'ed over each · 39ff000a
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    night, and process it into a file to stick into the testbed www
    directory. This replaces the current approach of wishfully thinking
    that people will remember to add their commit log messages to another
    file and them install it. I'm one of the worst offenders these days ...
    So, take the commit log, skip up to the first entry in 2004/01, then
    take the rest of the file and reverse the entries. Copy the resulting
    file over to the www directory.
    This script is run from cron on our site only!
    Note to Opera users; opera does not respect <XMP> properly, and so the
    page is somewhat scrogged by HTML entities that are supposed to be
    ignored when inside an XMP. Works okay on other browsers.
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