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    Move the core approval code from the web interface to the backend so · 5e25aa17
    Leigh Stoller authored
    that we can run project approval from the command line. Part of the
    ongoing push to get stuff out of php and into the backend ...
    The command line is now:
    	mkproj [-s] [-h leader_uid] [-m <message> | -f <file>] <pid>
    	switches and arguments:
    	  -s         - silent; do not send approval email to leader
      	  -h <uid>   - switch project leader to specified uid
    	  -m <text>  - Include text in approval email message
    	  -f <file>  - Include text from file in approval email message
    	  <pid>      - project to approve.
    * The leader can be switched to a new user only at initial project creation.
      Once a project is actually approved (created), its too late. We need
      more stuff in place to change the leader after that, and that code
      is not written yet.
    * Email is now sent from the backend script, so easier to recover from
      problems. When invoked from the web interface, the message text will
      be appended to the tberror email if the backend fails for some
      reason.  This should avoid the problem of that text getting lost and
      not being able to recover it.
    * The web interface still handles part of project denial internally.
      Move that later.
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