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    Improvements to the protogeni fcgid handler: · aeb3d617
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Fix the logging that had been messed up for while; the logfile object
      was not defined in the children, needed a little reorg.
    * Add changes needed for SecureImageDownload(), which is a little
      messier with fcgid since we have to stream the image back to apache
      which means we need to reconnect the fcgid handler.
    * Add the CH module, seems to work fine.
    * Wrap the calls to cluster-wrapper.pl so that we can set an ENV
      variable indicating which module is being served, and then put this
      in the proc title; its very annoying that perl (sometime?) messes the
      with the proc title without permission from me, so I don't know what
      each server is serving since the command line options are gone.
    * Some tweaks to the apache config file.
    Note hat this is not running live yet, still just in my devel tree.
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