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    Change the DHCP configuration code to allow for IPs on the actual · 54b4155e
    Leigh Stoller authored
    control network, so that we can use routable IPs.
    Create a swap volume for the guest. This addition is reflected in
    rc.frisbee but not the linux version; looks for a disk with a dos
    partition labeled as linux swap.
    Look in the node attributes for additonal disk specifications and
    create those disks (logical volumes). This is currently used in the
    XEN elabinelab to add more disks for inner boss and ops, and look
      $myboss add-attribute XEN_EXTRADISKS "disk1:10G,disk2:10G,disk3:10G"
      $myops  add-attribute XEN_EXTRADISKS "disk1:4G,disk2:10G"
    It is up to the guest to do something with these, we do not partition
    or label the volumes.
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