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    Pass through bootinfo flags on tmcc "bootwhat" command. · 3ca3abf6
    Mike Hibler authored
    bootwhat will now return a FLAGS=%d value corresponding to the flags
    field in the boot_what struct.
    NOTE: THIS REQUIRED A TMCD VERSION BUMP. We are now at version 35.
    The issue was backward compatibility with existing CD/dongle boot images
    which are overly strict in their parsing of the returned bootwhat values.
    Added a new boot_what flag (the whole point of this) to signify if the
    entity being returned is part of the "secure boot" path. This is used
    by the gPXE dongle to determine whether it needs to do a trusted boot
    path "sign-off" for the MFS it downloads. We used to use the name of
    the MFS as our heuristic for this.
    bootinfo uses the new tbdb.os_info osfeature "ontrustedboot" to determine
    whether to set the flag.
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