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    Add support for returning more detailed information in the case of a · 340f10a4
    Kevin Atkinson authored
    swap failure in the xmlrpc server.  To use it, the extra option
    "extrainfo" needs to be set to true.  This will cause "value" to be a
    structure (in the XML-RPC sence) with useful information instead of
    just the exit value of the script.  The structure will contain at
    least the following fields:
      cause: "temp", "user", etc
      mesg: more specific error information
      exitval: script return value
      log: activity log
    Note, that value may still be an integer in the case of some other
    failure that is not swap related.
    To support this, the "-X" option was added to swapexp and batchexp
    which will output a RPC-XML method response to stdout when possible.
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