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    Checkpoint the portal side of frisbee events. · 2faf5fd1
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    The igevent_daemon now also forwards frisbee events for slices to the
    Portal pubsubd over the SSL channel.
    The aptevent_daemon gets those and adds them to sliverstatus stored in
    the webtask for the instance.
    The timeout code in create_instance watches for frisbee events and uses
    that as another indicator of progress (or lack of). The hope is that we
    fail sooner or avoid failing too soon (say cause of a giant image backed
    As an added bonus, the status page will display frisbee progress (image
    name and MB written) in the node status hover popver. I mention this
    cause otherwise I would go to my grave without anyone ever noticing and
    giving me pat on the back or a smiley face in Slack.
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