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    Docker clientside update: use our perl API lib instead of cli and cURL. · 57089d52
    David Johnson authored
    (Of course, there is no standard perl Docker Engine API, so I wrote my
    own thin perl library, basically error handling and JSON marshalling
    goo.  But had to deal with LWP/http over UNIX socket to Docker, which
    is whacky; fortunately, there was a module, but I can confirm that LWP
    is a pain when you get off the beaten track.  Anyway, I added a little
    client that is useful for debugging.)
    Also, I refactored things a bit so there is now an emulabize-image
    script that can be run to test emulabization of docker images
    separately from vnode creation.
    Also, add a specific Docker version of the prepare script.  This
    actually gets run in image commit as an ONBUILD instruction.
    Also, always copy the image's master passwd files into /etc/emulab
    instead of using those installed by client-install.  Those just don't
    apply at all here since we have no idea what the base image is; the
    uids/gids in the clientside dirs could be a complete mismatch for the
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