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    Changes to "panic" mode. · 5c1ced81
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Any experiment can now be paniced; formerlly, only firewalled
      experiments could be paniced. There are new options in the admin
      menu section of the Show Experiment page. ProtoGeni experiments can
      also be paniced.
      At the moment, this is an admin-only option. Should it be?
    * There are now two levels of panic. The first level (and the default)
      is to throw all the machines into the Admin MFS and reboot them.
      Level 2 (OH NO!) disables the control network. Not sure we need two
      levels, but hey, it was easy.
    * Admins can swapout a paniced experiment. There is new code in tbswap
      to watch for a paniced experiment, and zaps the disks.
    * Add menu option to clear the panic. Also admin-only. 
    * Minor tweaks to Show Experiment when experiment is paniced.
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