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    Okay, now we can view graphs from the historical data (template record). · 0c1b1a23
    Leigh Stoller authored
    A couple of things to note:
    * When requesting a graph, we have to have a checkout of the archive
      (the DB dump file) so that we can create a temporary DB with the data.
      This is done on demand, and the DB is left in place since its a
      fairly time consuming operation to do the checkout and the dbload.
      I do not delete the DBs though; we will need to age them out as needed.
    * Even so, when returning to a page we end up getting the graphs
      again, and that still takes more time then I like to wait. Perhaps
      add a refresh button so that the user has to force a redraw. Might
      need to add a time/date stamp to the graph.
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