Modified the original files such that they are compatible with both HP 5406 and HP5406r switches.

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Below are the tests executed to evaluate integration at gpo-ig:

  1. Reserved VLANs and OF resources between two bare metal nodes connected to the HP5406r on the rack. "snmpit" was used on boss for these tests.
  2. Crafted an rspec and used AM API calls to reserve OpenFlow resources between two bare metal nodes connected to the switch on the rack.
  3. Repeated "2" but for two VMs connected between gpo-ig and utc-ig.

The OF controller was remotely located and all tests were successful (i.e. resources were allocated, flows were installed, traffic was forwarded between endpoints, resources were deleted).

IMPORTANT: The updated packages rely on two new mibs for operation. I wasn't quite whether these were added in the repo/not. In any case, I have attached these to the ticket. Can you kindly place these in the same path as the other mibs(/usr/local/share/snmp/mibs)?HP-ICF-OID-v1.txtHP-SWITCH-CONFIG.txt

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