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......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ perl scripts is messy, and the PHP DB interface is not as nice or
robust as the perl interface.
*** LastLogin info in web page - Sep 27 2001 - Needs to be done.
*** LastLogin info in web page - Sep 27 2001 - Done by LBS on Oct 1 2001.
From: Jay Lepreau <>
To: "Leigh B. Stoller" <>
......@@ -139,3 +139,79 @@ rsh.) For one thing, many computational cluster users will want MPI.
RPMS: /proj/parmc/rpms/xinetd-
*** Needs web page to change proj trust - Oct 3 2001 - Needs to be fixed.
Reported by James Griffioen.
No way to change the trust level for a user in a project. Need to
provide a web page for it.
*** Paperbag/plasticwrap bug - Oct 5 2001 -- Fixed by Rob.
Reported by magnus.
magnus@ops ~> os_load -i UTAHPC-FBSD+LINUX -w pc121 pc122 pc123 pc124
pc125 pc126 pc127
Sorry, you used a forbidden character
SSH failed. You may need to run the following commands:
mkdir -m 0755 /users/magnus/.ssh
ssh-keygen -P '' -f /users/magnus/.ssh/identity
cp /users/magnus/.ssh/ /users/magnus/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 600 /users/magnus/.ssh/authorized_keys
*** Inconsistent exit in scripts. Oct 3 2001 - Needs to be fixed
When going to background we should a __DIE__ hook to make sure that
the log file gets emailed off. Generally, the fatal error amd email
stuff is very inconsistent. Normal users should get warm fuzzies.
Informational stuff should go to us.
*** Per User info change - Oct 8 2001 - Needs to be fixed
From: Jay Lepreau <>
To: Leigh Stoller <>
Subject: Re: Feature Request
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 06:14:43 MDT
After I sent that, I just checked it out. Realized that you
(logically) display the info on the general user info page. What I
was originally wanting was more accurate and precise data for the
general project info page. That would take a bunch of processing: for
each proj, go thru its users, find the minimum time for each type of
login and display that.
Don't need it right now, but eventually we're going to need the kind
of info to move projects to 'inactive'.
The same info is what we'll need to deschedule experiments, or arm twist
their users. But for expts we have the creator, who will usually
be the one using the machines.
*** Node control changes lost on swapin/out - Oct 30 2001 - Needs to be fixed
> From: Mac Newbold <>
> Subject: Re: swapin/out anomoly
> Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:53:45 -0700 (MST)
> Sometimes when we update settings, we update only the physical, and not
> the virtual, and the virtual is all that persists between swaps. IMHO, I
> think what we need to do is evaluate which things make sense to keep
> between swaps, which things don't, and which things should offer a
> choice. This affects OSs, delay params, and potentially other things
> too. Perhaps there's even a unified solution we can implement as part of
> the swapout process.
Its probably a good idea to take the nodecontrol web page and remove the
stuff that changes the DB. Instead, lets use a backend perl script that
will update the DB appropriately (and can be used from the command line
too). Basically, I'm not happy about doing that much DB munging in the web
interface, especially virt_nodes and virt_lans (since it would be nice to
present a web interface to change the delay params at some point).
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