Commit cd038b34 authored by Srikanth Raju's avatar Srikanth Raju Committed by Leigh B Stoller

Make dir if they dont exist

parent 3c0a7bfe
......@@ -62,8 +62,11 @@ my $zipper = "/usr/local/bin/imagezip";
my $uploader = "/usr/local/etc/emulab/frisupload";
my $error = 0;
my $WORK_BASE = $IMPORT_BASE + "/import_temp/";
my $IN_BASE = $IMPORT_BASE + "/indir";
my $WORK_BASE = $IMPORT_BASE . "/import_temp/";
my $IN_BASE = $IMPORT_BASE . "/indir/";
mkdir $WORK_BASE unless -d $WORK_BASE;
mkdir $IN_BASE unless -d $IN_BASE;
for my $path (qw#/usr/local/bin /usr/bin#) {
if (-e "$path/sudo") {
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