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Make a note that the RocketPort requires a full-height PCI slot.

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......@@ -307,7 +307,10 @@ recommendations, and outlines the consequences of each choice.
interfaces (pn 99126-7) and 1U rackmount panels (pn 98700-0).
As mentioned, you can only have 4 cards (or 128 ports) per
machine, so if you have more than 128 nodes, you will need
multiple machines to host the interfaces.</dd>
multiple machines to host the interfaces.
Note also that the 32-port RocketPort is a full-height PCI
card, so make sure you have a machine with full-height
(not low-profile) slots!</dd>
<dt><b>Serial port reset controllers</b><dt>
<dd>It may be possible to build (or buy) serial-port
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