Commit b88206b2 authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong
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Add proposed AM API v4 response fields to GENI "getversion" results.

parent 1ec1b025
......@@ -11956,16 +11956,21 @@ static char *getgenigetversion( tmcdreq_t *reqp ) {
if( mysql_num_rows( res ) ) {
MYSQL_ROW row = mysql_fetch_row( res );
GOUTPUT( buf, sizeof buf, "{\"code_tag\":\"%s\","
"\"urn\":\"urn:publicid:IDN+" OURDOMAIN
GOUTPUT( buf, sizeof buf, "{\"geni_am_code_version\":\"%s\","
"\"geni_urn\":\"urn:publicid:IDN+" OURDOMAIN
"\"url\":\"" TBBASE ":12369/protogeni/xmlrpc/am\","
"\"1\":\"" TBBASE ":12369/protogeni/xmlrpc/am/1.0\","
"\"2\":\"" TBBASE ":12369/protogeni/xmlrpc/am/2.0\","
"\"3\":\"" TBBASE ":12369/protogeni/xmlrpc/am/3.0\"},"
row[ 0 ] );
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